Thursday, April 26, 2007

Volcano Lava

Digital Filmmaking is the future

Filmmaking is both a technical and a creative process. While it is easy to be creative, the technical demands of a film that looks good on the silver screen is enormous, and celluloid just about fulfils that. But now, with rising film costs - including raw stock and processing, 35mm filmmaking is expensive today as never before.

But I believe that the future belongs to digital filmmaking. It is in some cases, a thousand time cheaper option compared to film. Though Digital technology wil not be able to match the celluloid resolution for quite some time, the cost advantage will always beckon the low budget filmmaker.

And as technologies like 24P and HD progress further, we can hope of a cheaper and a more digized filmmaking future. The enormous money thus saved could be used for the upliftment of humanity :-) .

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